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Stainless Steel // General Information // EN Standards for Stainless Steel H.R. Plate

For Hot Rolled stainless steel the old BS1449 and BS1501 standards have been replaced by EN Standards:

EN10088-2 Replaces BS1449-Part 2: 1983

EN10028-7 Replaces BS1501-Part3: 1990

EN10095 Covers Heat Resisting Grades

EN10259 & ISO 9445: Tolerances for COLD Rolled material (Sheets, plate, coil) up to 6.5mm thick

EN10029 & ISO 18286: Tolerances for 'Quarto' Hot Rolled Plate 3mm thick and above

EN10051 & Now ISO 9445 / 9444: Tolerances for Continuosly Produced (CPP) Hot Rolled Plate

Material Certification

Where multi-certification is required, a combination of EN10088-2, EN10028-7, EN10029 or 10051 will appear together with the appropriate ASTM Standards.


For Cold Rolled Plate please refer to the datasheet on cold rolled


Note that in this Datasheet there are two sets of tolerances tables – One set for Quarto Plate to EN10029 and one set for CPP plate to EN10051


For CPP there are 3 categories of tolerances according to the grade where:

B = Ferritic & Martensitic Grades

C = Austenitic Grades without Mo

D = Austenitic Grades with Mo

Flatness - Quarto Plate

Thickness (mm)Tols (mm) over Given Length (mm) Tols (mm) over Given Length (mm)
3 to 4.9914
5 to 7.9812
8 to 14.9711
15 to 24.9710
25 to 3969
40 to 25058

Length - Quarto Plate

Length (mm)Tolerance in (mm)Tolerance in (mm)
Under 4000-0+20
4000 to 5999-0+30
6000 to 7999-0+40

Width - Quarto Plate

Nominal Thickness (mm)Tolerance (mm)Tolerance (mm)
Up to 40-0+20
40 to 150-0+25
150 to 400-0+30

Thickness - Quarto Plate

Thickness (mm)Tolerance (mm) CLASS BTolerance (mm) CLASS B
3 to
5 to
8 to
15 to
25 to
40 to
80 to 1490.32.9
150 to 2500.33.3

Flatness - CPP

For CPP there are 3 categories of tolerances according to the grade where:

B = Ferritic and Martensitic Grades

C = Austenitic Grades without Mo

D = Austenitic Grades with Mo

* These flatness tolerances only apply for thicknesses up to 25mm

** To be agreed at the time of enquiry and order

Width (mm)Tols* for given categoryTols* for given category
Up to 12001823**
1200 to 15002330**
Over 15002838**

Length - CPP

Length (mm)Tolerance (mm)Tolerance (mm)
Under 2000-0+20
2000 to 7999-00.05 x Length

Width - CPP

Width - CPP

Length (mm)Plus Tols (mm) (-0)Plus Tols (mm) (-0)
Up to 1200+20+3
1201 to 1850+20+5
Over 1850+25+6

Thickness - CPP

These figures must be increased for stainless steel by:

15% for Ferritic & Martensitic

30% for Austenitic

40% for Moly Grades

Thickness (mm)Tols +/-(mm) for given widthTols +/-(mm) for given widthTols +/-(mm) for given widthTols +/-(mm) for given width
Up to 12001201 to 15001501 to 1800Over 1800
Up to
2.01 to
2.51 to
3.01 to
4.01 to
5.01 to
6.01 to
8.01 to 10.00.320.330.340.40
10.01 to 12.500.350.360.370.43
12.51 to 15.00.370.380.400.46
15.01 to 25.00.400.420.450.50

This Data is indicative only and as such is not to be relied upon in place of the full specification. In particular, mechanical property requirements vary widely with temper, product and product dimensions. All information is based on our present knowledge and is given in good faith. No liability will be accepted by the Company in respect of any action taken by any third party in reliance thereon.

Please note that the 'Datasheet Update' date shown above is no guarantee of accuracy or whether the datasheet is up to date.

The information provided in this datasheet has been drawn from various recognised sources, including EN Standards, recognised industry references (printed & online) and manufacturers’ data. No guarantee is given that the information is from the latest issue of those sources or about the accuracy of those sources.

Material supplied by the Company may vary significantly from this data, but will conform to all relevant and applicable standards.

As the products detailed may be used for a wide variety of purposes and as the Company has no control over their use; the Company specifically excludes all conditions or warranties expressed or implied by statute or otherwise as to dimensions, properties and/or fitness for any particular purpose, whether expressed or implied.

Advice given by the Company to any third party is given for that party’s assistance only and without liability on the part of the Company. All transactions are subject to the Company’s current Conditions of Sale. The extent of the Company’s liabilities to any customer is clearly set out in those Conditions; a copy of which is available on request.

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